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Dealing with Dragons

Wrede, Patricia C. Dealing with Dragons (1992). 212 Pages. Scholastic. $6.99

The Enchanted Forest Chronicles: Book One

I read this book when I was young, and then I shared it with my friends. We passed this series around so much that I’m not sure where my original copy is anymore. This alone says something about how good this book is. I feel like it’s the hilight of the series, which is good, because it’s important to start strong.

Cimorene is not your typical beautiful, dumb princess. She is your typical smart, adventurous, princess-who-doesn’t-need-to-get-saved princess. She doesn’t wait around for her prince, and in fact she doesn’t want a prince, she wants adventure, and knowledge.

When Cimorene’s parents try to marry her off, she leaves, and finds herself a dragon to take care of. She ends up with Kazul, a dragon with an extensive library and a love of cherries jubilee (the one thing Cimorene can reliably cook well.) Then, the knights and the wizards insist on pestering her- the knights trying to rescue her, the wizards doing something, which Cimorene can’t quite figure out.

She meets other princesses, a few princes, a few knights, a few wizards, a witch, and quite a few more dragons. She learns all sorts of things about magic, and spends quite some time adventuring. Toward the end of the book, during the climax, she even manages to save Kazul.

Since I read it, they’ve re-published it with a new (and considerably dumber) cover, and a different page count. I worked my butt off to get the original because it’s just so much better. I’d suggest you do, as well, though there is no significant difference besides cover and font between the two.

The Quick Version:

With a fun twist on fairy tales, Dealing with Dragons is a fun read. It’s enjoyable as young as elementary, but keeps appealing through young-adult. It remains good as a grown-up, though some things feel a bit cheesier now than they did then. As the opener to the Enchanted Forest Chronicles, it’s excellent. This book gets a 5 out of 5.

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