You Slay Me

MacAlister, Katie. You Slay Me (2004). 342 Pages. Onyx. $7.99

Aisling Grey, Guardian: Book One || Dragons Universe Book One

Aisling Grey’s adventures start off with a bang. Her courier delivery to Paris is interrupted by murder and theft. Determined that her first job should not go so horribly wrong, Aisling stalks Drake Viero- the gorgeous man she knows is a thief and suspects of murder. And that’s just the first chapter.

Aisling has made a hobby of studying medieval texts about magic and demons, and it’s good that she has, because the magical otherworld has come knocking with a vengeance. Aisling is a Guardian; that is, she is supposed to guard the gates to the underworld. She is also a Wyvern’s Mate, which is explained well enough by the name alone that I feel no need to elaborate. France is ruled by a tyrannical mage who owns a nightclub in Paris, dragons are disguised as sexy men, and demons are very, very real.

Without any mentor-ship, and not knowing who she can trust besides Jim, Aisling stumbles around Paris, trying to recover the aquamanille she was supposed to deliver, and find out who is framing her for the murders. She must dodge the police, Drake, and the otherworld by turns, attempting to stay one step ahead of those chasing her. Things just keep going from bad to worse for this girl.

Of course, this being Katie MacAlister, you’re wondering where the romance fits in. It’s Drake Viero, the wyvern of the Green Dragons, of course. He’s sexy, he’s powerful, and Aisling is crazy for him from the moment she spots him. If they can stop trying to kill each other, this might shape up to be an excellent partnership, but it’s certainly not happening in this book.

The Quick Version:

Katie MacAlister is a solid author who always manages to write something fun. This book is no exception; you go from the edge of your seat to giggling in the blink of the eye. Dotted with steamy, sexually-charged moments, the story does not disappoint in the romance department. Occasionally things felt a bit too extended, like there was a page count to be met and things had to get expanded. As a whole, this book is a solid 4 out of 5.

To read it, you can buy it on Amazon or trade for it on Swaptree.

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