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Bad Covers and Silly Titles

Once in a while, while perusing your local library, or bookstore, you may come across something which earns a loud snort and a big “wtf?” or an “OMG-Ican’tbelievetheypublishedthis.” This is my collection, and this is where I will be posting them. I will admit right now that there is a slim to nil chance that I will read and/or review most of these. It may change at some point, but for now, let’s just stick with slim-to-nil.

Click the “read more” to see the covers and have some laughs.

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Holy Smokes

MacAlister, Katie. Holy Smokes (2007). 341 Pages. Signet. $7.99

Aisling Grey, Guardian: Book Four || Dragons Universe Book Four

Please be aware that there may be are spoilers present, as this is the fourth (and final?) book in a series!

Seemingly, Holy Smokes is the last book which we will read about Aisling Grey, but it is certainly not the last we’ll hear of the Dragons. The rest of this review has been placed behind a tag because it is very full of spoilers (for the first three books, rather than the fourth). Click at your own risk.

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