Quick After-Battle Triple Chocolate Cake

Quick After-Battle Triple Chocolate Cake

from Patricia C. Wrede’s Book of Enchantments

I’ve been wanting to make this cake since I first read about it in the back of the book. If you don’t happen to own a copy, you can see it through google books. I’d transcribe it here, but frankly, it’s a lot funnier if you read it in the original format.

The cake is somewhere between a cake and a brownie; it would be perfectly complimented by a big scoop of vanilla ice cream, or perhaps some raspberry syrup. (Mmmm.) The recipe suggests topping it with whipped cream, which would certainly go well with it.  I’ve got a few more pictures relating to the process of making it. (I enjoy taking pictures of food and food making)

It was chocolatey and delicious. Just look at all that chocolate yum:


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14 responses to “Quick After-Battle Triple Chocolate Cake

  1. Oh look at that cake! That is some delicious-looking chocolate cake right there. I always wanted to make this cake but I’m a catastrophe with cooking. Maybe I can con my little sister into doing it…


  2. Delicious! I have never been any good at baking, but I might give it a try as it sure does looks good.


    • It’s definitely one of the less difficult cake recipes I’ve had to follow recently. The trickiest part is “creaming” the butter and sugar at the beginning and remembering to alternate milk and flour so you don’t get lumps.


  3. Emily and Her Little Pink Notes

    It looks yummy. I am terrible at baking cakes , I usually blame the oven as they come in all shapes and consistency except the one that I have on the book


    • Well, the trick with cakes is to be very careful when you follow the directions. When it says “alternate flour and milk” measure out no more than 1/2 c. of each and combine each thoroughly before combining the other. That alone fixes more texture problems than any other trick ever.

      Now, as far as shapes… I generally don’t stress over that. I’ve never tried to do anything fancier than a two-layer-stacked-with-frosting-between cake, and those are never pretty, but they taste pretty good.

      The best (and worst) part about this one is that it doesn’t need frosting, so there’s nothing to hide the cake under if it looks funny.


  4. Phill

    I love this cake. I’ve made it so many times and LOVE IT everytime. I hope everyone who tries it loves it too. 🙂


  5. Camilla

    I love this cake too. I was 17 (I’m now 28) when I first read Book of Enchantments (borrowed from the library) and I still remember transcribing it from the book before returning it to the library. That transcription is now covered in flour and chocolate. This is a great cake. The secret is to 1 and a 1/2 the recipe, then when serving, microwave the WHOLE CAKE on high for about 60 – 90 seconds. Cut & serve with good vanilla icecream. Never fails!


  6. Oh, I LOVE that recipe! Make it all the time.


  7. Ela

    I keep meaning to try it, but it’s all in American quantities, so I will have to translate for UK amounts… It looks scrumptious.


  8. HurogGirl

    Frosting – not authentic to the Enchanted Forest, but it got good reviews when I served it – another 1/4 lb or one stick, about 1/8 kilo softened to room temp or just a little warmer. A couple of teaspoons (under a shot) of espresso, decaf or not as you are willing to deal with revved up consumers, about 4 tablespoons (or use your espresso shot cup?) of cappuccino flavored instant coffee beverage, and some powdered sugar… I’ve forgotten what it’s called in Europe; baker’s sugar? Powdered, like in the picture, anyway, to taste. Cream the butter, add the espresso & instant coffee, beat, scrape bowl, maybe throw in a dash of nutmeg, a couple of drops of vanilla extract, a couple of spoons full of powdered sugar, cream further, taste. I left mine tasting most of butter, with the cappuccino the next strong flavor, and not overpoweringly sweet.


  9. HurogGirl

    Whoops, sorry it’s nearly a year and a half later. That was definitely with the QABTCC. Otherwise, why post it here, after all?
    Did about the same again recently, also to rave reviews.


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