The June Roundup

June was a strange month. I crashed pretty hard on my reading binge, and am currently at the point where I stare at a book for a while before going “naaah,” and deciding to play Final Fantasy XIII, Fallout 3, or Portal. However, I did read quite a few books, so I’ll list them here, ranked from highest to lowest rating for stand-alones, and by series rating if I’ve finished the series.

Score: 5/5 (Books I loved and will definitely read again)

Score: 4/5 (Books I liked and will probably read again)

Score: 3/5 (Books that are alright)

Score: 2/5 (Books I’ll probably get rid of)

Score: 1/5 (Books I actually hated, or couldn’t finish)

This month I read 8 books, totaling 2,609 pages. 2 of them were anthologies with 39 stories in them. I had 581 blog-views this month.

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