Book Giveaway!

Today, I’m giving away a book to a lucky reader. The book is a surprise. There are only a few silly rules:

1. Due to limited funds, you have to be in the U.S. or Canada.

2. To enter, post saying you’re interested. However, your post must be in Haiku or Limerick format.

3. You must use a valid email when you comment (so I can notify you if you win.)

If you’re interested in knowing what the book is, you may ask specific questions, and I’ll give you clues. However, as with the entry, you have to ask for hints in Haiku or Limerick format.

Why this silly poetry rule? Just because I can make an arbitrary rule like that.

On July 30th, I’ll pick a random comment-number and announce a winner.

The winner has been chosen!


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7 responses to “Book Giveaway!

  1. Not an entry, this.
    Traveling light. Need less stuff.
    Welcome contest, though.


  2. Jordan

    Winning this prize would be great!
    books are much cheaper than dates.
    This one’s wrapped in spots
    some might call them dots
    Either way, I have seized the bait…


    • Unfortunately, you didn’t win. I’ll be giving away another book in August, so check back for another chance.

      Your poem was great, by the way.


  3. Carol Wong

    Present on table
    Summer mystery contest
    Polka dots play!


    • Brilliant Haiku!

      Unfortunately, you didn’t win, but thank you for your entry. I’ll be giving away another book in August, so check back for another chance to win.


  4. Daniela

    A book Aelia gives away
    Its dotted cover leads astray
    Its content stays unknown
    This unknown makes me moan
    These words cannot my wonder convey!


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