Diana Wynne Jones Week

August 1 – 7, 2010: Diana Wynne Jones Week

This week, Jenny’s Books is hosting a Diana Wynne Jones week, in which we all choose to appreciate the works of a very prolific (and talented) author. Every day this week, I hope to read and review a different Diana Wynne Jones book. (And since I’m such a D.W.J. fangirl, I think it will be incredibly easy to bring myself to read her novels.)

There are a lot of good books to choose from, and I hope to get a chance to read them all eventually, but the goal for this week is to read seven of them. I’ll edit this post each time to include all new D.W.J. reviews.

Wish me luck.

Book Reviews:Cover: Deep Secret

Deep Secret (4.5/5)

Unexpected Magic (5/5)

Wild Robert (3/5)

Witch’s Business (3.5/5)

Charmed Life (5/5)

The Lives of Christopher Chant (5/5)

Mixed Magics (4/5)

Howl’s Moving Castle (5/5)

Upcoming Reviews:

The Chronicles of Chrestomanci Volume 2


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6 responses to “Diana Wynne Jones Week

  1. Another good luck to you — though sounds like you’re bound for almost certain success!


  2. Mom

    I like to concept of a week long trek through one author’s work.

    Not sure if I have read Dianna Winne Jones yet. I plan on going to the library soon and may have to change this.


  3. Anna

    Do you really read a book a day, or are hers particularly short? I can’t remember how long it took me to read Howl’s Moving Castle… Man I need to go read my sci fi book so I can get a move on, lol.


    • I can get through most books within a day or so. Unless it’s really dense, or it’s really slow, or it’s more than 200-ish pages. (On days off, anyway. When I’m working that slows me down.)


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