Yes, I did just type out “harumph,” and I will mention that I am quite cranky while I do it. For the past several days, I have been attempting to read a variety of books, and I have come up against a brick wall more than once. I cannot bring myself to read some of the books that I’ve picked from my shelves, or have picked up from the library recently. There are a few in particular worth mentioning, and then I am going to share some pictures of my bookshelf.

The first book which I wanted to read but could not: DupliKate by Cherry Cheva. I grabbed it because the author’s been mentioned a couple times by the Worst Professor Ever. The reason I can’t read it has less to do with the writing (which is solid, and funny) and more to do with the plot (which I knew within the first 50 pages would have me infuriated by things the characters were doing.) So, for the time being, this particular story is shelved. I may try it again later, when self-inflicted teen angst isn’t driving me up the wall. (Perhaps when I’m a tad less stressed, and don’t need “relaxing” reading quite so bad.)

Next up, we’ve got My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding, which I really wanted to read, and like. However, I can’t get into it. The volume opens with L.A. Banks– who I keep hoping I’ll like if I pick her stories up again, and I just don’t like– and continues with author after author that I either haven’t heard of (Rachel Caine) or know I don’t like (Sherrilyn Kenyon*). There are one or two which sounded promising, but I just couldn’t get into them.

Another book which I wanted to re-read for reviewing was Soon I Will Be Invincible, which is a fun superhero book. I like super-heroes. I like this book. I do not want to read it at this time, so back to the library it goes. I really, really wish I was interested in reading it, because I know I enjoyed it last time around. I suppose it’ll show up when I get around to reading it.

We’re going to move on from books-which-I-have-checked-out-from-the-library-and-which-are-going-back-unread and onto books-which-are-sitting-on-my-bookshelf-waiting-for-me-to-read-them.

Some of those books aren’t mine, but 99% of them are. Of that 99%, there are a disturbing amount that I have not yet read, or started to read and did not finish, or which I’ve really started second-guessing.

Books I plan on eventually reading: Runemarks by Joanne Harris. I got a signed copy several years ago, and I only got a couple chapters in. I’ve been trying to read it since 2008 if my goodreads account is to be believed. Others on the shelf which I still have not finished: The Teahouse Fire by Ellis Avery, and Breathers: A Zombie’s Lament by S.G. Brown. Barring more reading complications, expect to see them eventually reviewed.

Are there any books which have been languishing on your shelves or to-read lists or to-be-read stacks for a silly amount of time? Share them with me, please, so I feel less alone.

Also, which books have you started, and found that you’re just not in the mood for?


* It’s less that I dislike Sherrilyn Kenyon, because that’s a nomme de plume, and more that I have issues with an author who uses one pen-name to write cover-blurbs for her other pen-names.


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17 responses to “Harumph

  1. Anna

    Ahhh I do that too; I’ve been trading books for a bunch of books lately and I’m all excited about them when I get them but then sometimes I just don’t feel like starting them yet. I’m also kind of trying to keep a smaller book collection and trading them out as I read them for new ones since I just moved to SF and am trying not to overwhelm TJ with the magnitude of my crap, lol. We need to hang sometime. And i’m overwhelmed with upcoming school and hunting for retail jobs X__x


    • Jordan is already traumatized by the sheer volume of books I own. You may as well get it out of the way early, he’ll get used to it.

      And yes, you do need to come visit, and sit on my couch and read manga with me, like we used to do all the freaking time. ❤


      • Oceans

        You need to mention the number of books (mine?) that are also sitting in boxes. Or maybe the 20-30 boxes of books in storage LOL. Between us we could start a small library.


  2. Anna

    Oh and my books at the moment that have been just sitting for a while are “A Thousand Splendid Suns” (which I don’t recommend for you based on the first one, which was good but very depressing. I can only handle those every once in a while), and The Story of the Stone: Vol. 2, which is actually an ollllld Chinese novel that I read the first one of in class and actually liked it. But now there it sits.


    • Yeah, you and I have gone down different literary paths. You read things which can only be categorized as “fiction” and I read sci-fi and children’s books.


  3. Sorry to hear you weren’t into the CC, but I totally know what you mean about not being in the mood. Having piles and piles of books around was part of my whole hating to read thing, so at this point I tend to be very picky, only choose a few to bring home with me. And I always read a few pages to make sure I don’t have a cranky response right away, otherwise it does feel like forcing myself to read! But I did have Interred With Their Bones sitting and staring at me on a shelf for about four months last year.


  4. fingersmith

    I have this thing, whenever I can’t read something I always put it in my corridor, which means some of my books end up on the self outside. There are few which I think I will never be able to read like:

    ‘Sphinx- a secret for a thousand years….. ‘ by T.S Leaner
    ‘The Fiery Cross’ by Diana Gabaldon (1412 pages!!!!! simply too long) though I am really trying to chew it.
    ‘Scarlet Feather’ by Maeve Binchy (598 pages) somehow boring. Catering company and Dublin is not my thing.
    ‘Wicked Enchantment’ by Anya Basi. It is like a mixture of a love story and magic powers, not my taste.
    ‘Scottish Ghosts’, selection of Scottish ghost stories by Rosemary Gray. Since English is not my first language, this book is really challenging.

    So there you have it. I will stick to Terry Prachett or Russell Brand for a change.


    • I can sympathize. I don’t have a corridor to stick books in, so they tend to either go back to the library, or into one of my less-frequently-wanted-book boxes. There are quite a few, and they’re stuffed with books I don’t want to read any time soon.


  5. fingersmith

    Correction of a sentence which occurred to be funny ‘ on the shelf not self’ LOL.

    Mea culpa.


  6. Books that have been on my bookshelf for a while looking at me with accusation on their cover: “never let me go” by Kazuo Ishiguro (I read the first 50 pages and it’s excellent but I am not in the mood), “the man of my dream” by Curtis Sittenfeld and then I have a book by Dino Buzzati (in italian)
    and the thing is that I am pretty sure those are three fine books, worth reading, it’s the availability of choices (libraries, bookshops, shops on line) that ruins me!


    • Yes! I periodically have to inflict a moratorium on new-book selections to make sure I get through my current book stack. Does it work? Not usually, but I make a list of books to go back to, and that sometimes helps.


  7. After whining endlessly about not being able to get Juliet Gardiner’s The Thirties, I found myself not at all in the mood for it when I finally did get it. And I specifically requested it from the library, which meant the person who had it checked out had to return it. :/

    Re: authors writing their own blurbs. One of my favorite relaxing-reads authors, Elizabeth Peters, wrote a book called Night Train to Memphis and there was a blurb on the back by Barbara Michaels, which is another of Peters’s noms de plume, which said something like “Elizabeth Peters has gone too far this time. The woman has been annoying me for years. Her latest, Night Train to Memphis, is funny and entertaining per usual, but she has gone overboard with the romantic stuff in flagrant imitation of me. It’s actionable! I shall demand a share of the royalties!” Thereby causing me to love her even more. 😀


    • That is quite the blurb, actually. I think what the one that still annoys me said was “She writes Sci Fi like I would!” and it was signed by her other pseudonym. It wasn’t even witty like that.


  8. Wait, writers can use their nom de plume to write blurbs for their own books? I never knew that. That sounds illegal, in some way.

    As for books that I have to read, I have had Tale of Two Cities on shelf since high school and have yet to pick it up. I also have the Angels & Demons and Da Vinci Code on my shelf, and will most likely be the last person to read it in the world.
    However, I very, very, very rarely ever stop a book in the middle of it (unless it’s terrifying and giving me nightmares at night). If it’s not a book I’m super into, I’ll just read it very, very slowly.


    • It takes a lot for me to give up. I have to know for a fact that it is 1) horrible, and going to end badly or 2) going to make me angry enough to damage it in some way if I proceed.

      I *always* read the last few pages before I stop, because depending on the resolution, I can sometimes make myself keep going until I get there.

      I won’t ever read Dan Brown. I’m not interested in his writing style, or his stories, in book or movie format.


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