Brief Hiatus

I’m going to take an official break, as opposed to the un-official break I’ve been on for a couple weeks. I’ve been working a lot of extra hours, as I need to replace the tires on my car before it starts to rain, so I haven’t had a lot of time in which to read. Add to that a very nasty cold which may or may not be turning into a sinus infection, and what I really need is some time where I don’t have obligations (self-inflicted or otherwise.)

If you would like to help me with a guest post, please let me know. Otherwise, I’ll be trying to read and relax, and be ready with some newly read books next week. (September 9th, in theory).

Thanks for poking your head in.


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2 responses to “Brief Hiatus

  1. Poor you! Poor you with a cold and having to replace your tires! You deserve a break! But I will be pleased when you return. 🙂


  2. I am thinking of taking a break myself and fully concentrate on job hunting, obviously I would rather be blogging than preparing interviews which makes me feel guilty
    Hope you’ll feel better soon, it’s raining so much here that I feel like a fish in a tank


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