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Book Blogger Appreciation Week

As I’m sure most of my readers know (because most of you are book bloggers yourselves) this is Book Blogger Appreciation Week. Sure, it started on Monday, and sure, most of you have been posting daily, but I have not. So I’m condensing this down a little, because I’m: a) behind b) lazy. So here’s Days 1-4.

Day 1: First Treasures

The first book blog I discovered was Jenny’s Books, which is of course brilliant. Jenny is one of those bloggers who somehow manages to tell us about herself, her life, and the latest book all at once, and she does it with style and a great sense of humor. There are countless others who I read whenever they update (Emily & Her Little Pink Notes, and Lit Snit , to name the first few) and if I tried to name them all, we’d be here a while. There are a lot of interesting blogs, featuring people whose personalities shine through in their reviews, who manage to say things far more cleverly than I could ever manage (even on my best of days), who have (understandably) large followings, and who I wish I could be more like. So hooray for Book Blogger Appreciation Week, for making us take a moment to truly appreciate the people who write such fabulous reviews about such interesting books.

Day 2: Blogger Interviews

I’m skipping this because I am (again) a) lazy and b) behind.

Day 3: Unexpected Treasures

I haven’t actually picked up any new genres, but there are a few books I chose to read because of the bloggers who reviewed them.

For example, I grabbed Beastly because of the review on The Book Scoop, or maybe alita reads, or both. I finally broke down and bought Shiver at the suggestion of Bethany from The Musings of a Book Nerd. There are others I know I’ve grabbed because of other bloggers, but I can’t for the life of me recall which books from who. Ah, well. All of you folks I read have reviewed at least a few things which have been added to what feels like a miles-long to-be-read list.

Day 4: Forgotten Treasures

There are a couple books I’ve reviewed which were brilliant, and I adored, but which don’t seem to have much of a following. For example: Toads and Diamonds, which is a great fairytale retelling by a relatively new author. There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot out there about it, but it’s definitely worth the time it takes to read it (not only because it has such a beautiful cover.) The other book which seems to have slid under the radar is The Total Tragedy of a Girl Named Hamlet, which was excellent and a very fun read. It’s silly, a bit dorky, and well worth the time.


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