You Suck: A Love Story

Moore, Christopher. You Suck: A Love Story (2008) 352 Pages. Harper Collins. $13.99

Sequel To: Bloodsucking Fiends: A Love Story (1995)

As I have said previously: I am not allowed to read Christopher Moore in public. It has become increasingly obvious to me that I should also avoid reading Christopher Moore at work. When you’re sitting awkwardly in the corner of the break-room giggling to yourself, coworkers tend to ask questions like: “What are you reading?” Sometimes, that’s not a problem, but there are times when I just want to read, and do not want to be asked. (Nor do I want people leaning and moving to where they can read the cover without asking, because that is somehow more annoying).

Anyhow, because this is a sequel, my review will likely contain at least a few spoilers for the first book. (Though I will try to keep a lid on any spoilers for the book at hand.) Proceed at  your own risk…

Christopher Moore must be the king of the absurd, because he always manages to start with something strange. For example, page 1:

Get over It, a Lot of People Are Dead

“You bitch, you killed me! You suck!”

C. Thomas Flood did not ask to become a vampire. He was content being the human minion of the gorgeous, undead Jody, but she was lonely, and wanted the company of another vampire. Where Jody relishes the strength that comes with vampirism, and relishes the fact that she is nobody’s victim, Tommy misses his humanity.

At the end of Bloodsucking Fiends, Tommy encased both Jody and Elijah in bronze. Unfortunately, bronze is not permanent, and before long Jody is free, and at least a little bit pissed about the whole bronzing incident. However, she is also immortal, and not really interested in a life of solitude, so Tommy, her minion, will have to become undead with her. Of course, this leaves them needing a new minion, which Tommy provides in the form of Abby Normal– the perky goth girl.

Things are never simple though, and before long they’re drinking blood from Chet the huge cat, getting drunk off homeless people, and being hunted by the Animals. Things might work out for Jody and Tommy, if they can just survive being undead.

In Conclusion:

On the one hand, I loved Jody and Tommy, and I appreciate the effort to please the fans, but I am not sure that it was really necessary. It was alright, and gets a 3/5, because it was solid, and had a fun crossover, but it featured many characters I did not really like.

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