The Giveaway CLOSED

As I hope you’ve all seen, I’m giving away several things, and you have several choices in prizes. If you’ve already entered, I’m asking that you take a moment to fill out this form, so I have everything in one place, and you don’t miss any entries.

If you have not entered yet, you still have time, as the giveaway remains open until September 30th, 2010 (Midnight, PST/GMT-8).

I’ll decide the winners on October 1st, and with all likelihood things will be purchased/donated/mailed by October 5th.


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2 responses to “The Giveaway CLOSED

    • That all sounds so very familiar….

      I’ll fess up right now to the fact that I:
      a) was merely playing with google forms and wanted to pretend to be doing something “useful” with the results.
      b) posted it here expecting maybe 2 responses on the high side.
      c) would not have remembered to fill out the form for anyone else’s giveaway.

      (Does it make me weird if I enjoy filing?)


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