Giveaway (The Winners Are…)

I have to admit, I’ve been pretty excited, waiting to find out who won. I spent a few minutes tallying everything, ensuring that I had counted everything I could. Ultimately, because of the way the drawing came out, and the amount of interest, I’m giving prizes to the top three from my drawing. Congratulations to:

Carol Wong (who gets a Mystery Book)

Erin of LitSnit (who gets Mystery Book #3) and

Jenny of Jenny’s Books (who gets a book from the Book Depository)

I entered everyone in a list (not .com as I first said, whoops) and had it generate a list for me. The top three get prizes. I’ll be emailing you shortly.


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3 responses to “Giveaway (The Winners Are…)

  1. Yay! Thanks so much!! Can’t wait to find out what book it is!


  2. Congrats to the winners!


  3. Eeee, yay, exciting! I am off to the Book Depository website to see what book I want! Thank you for holding this giveaway. 🙂


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