Daily Archives: November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

On a holiday which is supposed to be about taking time to appreciate what you have, and giving thanks for all the good things which have come your way– though this is not how the holiday started*– I would like to say Thank You to all of my readers. Whether you’re American (in which case, Happy Thanksgiving) or not (for you, I say have a beautiful day) I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog. It makes me feel important.

I am also going to say thank you in the general sense to all the authors who have written books I have appreciated, and those I have not. Without bad books, you cannot appreciate the good ones, and were I not to have some good books, I might be crazy by now, so thank you.


* I am carefully resisting the urge to rant and rave about the massacre of Native Americans, the celebration of gluttony which the holiday has become, or any of the other “ugly” sides. However, if you’d like to discuss it, please comment. I’m always interested in other people’s opinions about this particular holiday.


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