Othello (Volume 2)

Ikezawa, Satomi. Othello 2 (2004). 208 Pages. Del Rey. $10.95

This is book 2 in the series; click here for book one.

The back cover on this particular volume is… not well done. It uses names we don’t know yet, references things that don’t happen, and generally messes up its description.

Yaya is still painfully shy and timid, but this year, she’s wise to Seri and Moe’s tricks; she spends her time avoiding the cruel girls. Things aren’t better though; people keep mentioning things Yaya doesn’t remember doing, and every time she sees her reflection, or bumps her head, she forgets what’s been going on. What’s a girl to do, when she thinks she’s having a breakdown?

In this Volume

Yaya is confused and bewildered by her blackouts. Seri and Moe are evil. Moriyama is a bit clueless, but starts to figure things out by the end. A mysterious stranger is interested in Nana. And there is more “justice”, more concerts, and more mystery in this volume.


Othello starts out strong, and keeps up the pace. Yaya is starting to realize that something is not completely right in her world, and Nana realizes that she needs a hobby; something besides beating up the people who have hurt her.

Part of what makes this series so interesting to read is the fact that Yaya and Nana are on opposite ends of the spectrum; Yaya is the girl who fits in, who may be bullied, but who is exactly what a Japanese high-schooler should be while Nana is outrageous and over-the-top, and incapable of blending in anywhere. (This dichotomy is discussed here)

This volume gets a 4/5.


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