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The October/November Roundup

I didn’t read a ton during October and November, so they’ve been combined into one post.

Score: 5/5 (Books I loved and will definitely read again)

Score: 4/5 (Books I liked and might read again)

Score: 3/5 (Books that are alright)

Score: 2/5 (Books I’ll probably get rid of)

Score: 1/5 (Books I actually hated, or couldn’t finish)

  • None, thank goodness


Fun Stats: Over the two combined months, I read 22 books, totaling 6,386 pages. 1 of them was an anthology, containing 13 stories. I had 1,076 blog-views. I gave away 3 books!

What books did you really enjoy this month? (Or last month?) What books are you looking forward to reading?


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