Secret Santa!

I was participating in The Neverending Shelf‘s Secret Santa, and was lucky enough to get two books I’ve always wanted to own:

Sunshine by Robin McKinley & Deerskin by Robin McKinley. It’s always very exciting to me when I get the chance to own books that I’ve really liked.

It seems my lovely partner was Michelle of Hooked to Books.

Thanks, Michelle! I can’t wait to read these!


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5 responses to “Secret Santa!

  1. Ela

    What a great secret Santa present! I love both those books – I think Sunshine is actually the best vampire novel I’ve ever read, and Deerskin is very good, but so sad – so I hope you enjoy them.


    • I was very excited, because they were two of the books which I most wanted off the list of books we suggested for ourselves. I love them both, though they’re a bit on the darker side of McKinley’s writing.


  2. Oh, good choices! Those are two of my favorite McKinley books. Add in Beauty and you’d have the only three McKinley books I ever reread. :p


    • I re-read them all a ton. (Except Dragonhaven, which I’ve only read twice, and Outlaws of Sherwood, which I read so slowly that it is not easy to re-read)

      If I host a McKinley week in 2011, would you be interested?


  3. Hey! I’m so glad you liked the books!! 🙂


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