I fully blame Chachic for the fact that I’m doing this. Because she posted it, I was intrigued, so I went over to the Maw Books Blog and found out that it’s basically a blogging fiesta (hence the name) where you take the time to do the things your blog needs, and so do a lot of other people. It’s like the NaNoWriMo but for bloggers who want to make their blogs pretty.

My list of projects for this weekend is:

  • Actually reviewing the last few books I’ve read. Half-Done!
  • Cleaning up my “Reviewed Books” page. Done! 1/23
  • Updating the “About Aelia” page. Done! 1/22
  • Setting up guest posts? (Anyone interested?) Decided against it
  • Misc. other things that will occur to me.
  • Mini Challenges Completed: none
  • Flashback Mini Challenges Completed: Analyze Your Blog & Anchor Text

That said, this weekend there’s an event at work (which involves a volcano!) and I’m not sure that I’ll have a ton of time, but I”m gonna do my best to do at least a few of these things.

End of Weekend Analysis

Well, I didn’t do too well with this, (bummer) though I did get to check out a lot of new blogs this weekend. That was pretty cool. There are some great people out there blogging about books. They are both inspiring and intimidating.

All told I logged about 10 hours on blog-improvements, though you won’t see some of them, since they’re on my side. (I did actually create some templates, and clean up some of the bits and pieces on my “Reviewed Books” page.)

Other cool things I found because of Bloggiesta include a Giveaway (over at, and all the Mini-Challenges. Some of them were awesomely informational. (Seriously, the Mini-Challenges rocked.)


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6 responses to “Bloggiesta

  1. Aren’t you glad you found out about it though? 🙂 Bloggiesta occurs twice a year and it’s a lot of fun to interact with fellow bloggers who are working on their blogs on the same weekend, even if you’re not able to do much.


  2. Oh volcanoes! My little boys would love your work. Love to have you for Bloggiesta!


    • I never got the chance to do paper mache as a kid, but man was it fun to do at work. (Getting paid to make volcanoes rocks). Actually, getting paid to do crafts every weekend like I do rocks.

      I’m excited, and hope this is as productive as I want it to be.


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