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The December/January Roundup

It’s that time again… sitting down to figure out just how much I’ve read in the last two months. December and January have wildly fluctuated from busy to boring, so my reading has gone a little mad, too.

Score: 5/5 (Books I loved and will definitely read again)

Score: 4/5 (Books I liked and might read again)

Score: 3/5 (Books that are alright)

Score: 2/5 (Books I’ll probably get rid of)

Score: 1/5 (Books I actually hated, or couldn’t finish)

  • None! Hooray!

Fun Stats: Over the two combined months, I read 27 books, totaling 8,224 pages. 2 of them were anthologies, containing 35 stories. I had 2,274 blog-views. For my challenges, I’ve read 0/10 graphic novels, 0/5 steampunk novels, 2/5 dystopian novels, 6/50 library books. So far I’ve read 9/100 books

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What challenges are you working on? Are there any books I should really take the time to read?


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