Well, darn.

Hello! I just wanted to share a brief update.

My computer chose to crap out this month, after four years of being a perfectly serviceable laptop for that time. (Barring a replacement about halfway through because it started smoking…) Anyway, a few weeks ago, my laptop decided that the factory AC adapter wasn’t the right voltage anymore, and nothing I tried fixed it, so I haven’t really been around.

The good news is that I have a shiny new computer which now lets me get to wordpress and post things. The bad news is that said shiny new computer plays video games beautifully, so we are not quite back to regularly scheduled programming. I’ll let you know when we are, or, I suppose the results will be visible.

I have read a few things, mostly from netgalley, so while I work on those reviews, please tell me how you guys approach reviews. I’m genuinely curious, because it seems like a lot of people put a lot of work into them.

How do you start your review-process? Is it before, during, or after you read the book?

Do you ever decide not to review a book? Why?

What is the hardest part of writing a book review for you?


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6 responses to “Well, darn.

  1. Sorry you had laptop troubles! It’s always such a misery when your computer dies. But I’m glad you’re back up and running on it.

    I don’t ever exactly decide not to write a review of a book I’ve read, but I do sometimes put it off and put it off and eventually come to realize it’s never going to happen. That’s happened loads, lately, I’m afraid. :p


    • I’m having that difficulty a bit, too. I read things, and then I keep thinking “I’ll review it tomorrow…” and then it never happens.

      It is bad that my laptop died, but I got an even shinier desktop out of the deal, so I’m not as sad as I could have been.


  2. Mia

    I definitely start the reviewing process after finishing the whole book. I try to make mental notes along the way about things that affected me, so I’ll remember to talk about them, but that doesn’t always work out. I’ve found that my book reviews resemble lazier versions of the countless papers I wrote during my time in college: I take a particular point of view in analyzing what I read and why it did or didn’t work for me; sometimes I talk about the writing, sometimes the plot, etc. etc. It makes for somewhat inconsistent reviewing, but I find it the most interesting as a reviewer. Of course, I tend to only make myself sit down and review books when they’ve made a strong impression upon me, especially with the volume of books that I read, and even that doesn’t always happen (I’ve been trying to get around to reviewing Someday This Pain Will Be Useful to You, by Peter Cameron, for nearly a month). So, obviously, getting started is the hardest part for me. I’m trying, though.


    • See, I read a lot, and for a while I was still managing to review them all. That’s not happening so much anymore, but I do have a firm list of things I have to review… eventually.


  3. Ela

    Hurrah for shiny new computers!

    I always write the review after I’ve read the book, sometimes later than others. I try not to let the ‘books’ read list outnumber the ‘books reviewed’ list too much, and I tend to write reviews in a bunch when I have time, since I like to post every other day.


    • That’s what I was doing, and scheduling posts to create a bit of a buffer, except that it eventually got big enough that I stopped reviewing promptly because “I had time”… silly me.


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