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Apparently, I missed the entire #occupygoodreads explosion, or whatever the hell it was. It seems the online blogging world had a bit of a clash with some poorly behaved authors. Oh dear.

It’s interesting to me, actually, that it seems to have blown up to such proportions. I’ve had a couple of my mediocre-to-negative reviews get found by the authors. (See The Girl in the Steel Corset) I’ve been lucky, apparently, to have not been outright attacked by the authors. Rather, they saw fit to comment on my issues and then let it lie. I’m alright with that. It’s their right to address minor issues, so long as they don’t make it personal.

Apparently, however, there are some authors who could not just let it go. Instead, they went head-to-head with their reviewers and came out looking like all manner of stupid assholes. They may have intended to discredit their reviewers, but instead they brought more attention to negative reviews which might otherwise have just disappeared. And, in case I didn’t emphasize it enough; they made themselves look stupid, and probably lost more than one reader because of their behavior.

I don’t often hold an author’s personal life against them, but when it’s something of this scale, attacking your reviewers, it’ll make me hesitate before I pick up your title. If I do choose to read it, it’ll make me hesitate even more before I review it, no matter how much I may have loved it.

I’m curious though, since there is a line, and while some authors cross it, others are smart enough to stay on the right side. Where does that line lie? When is it ok for an author to comment on a negative review? Or a positive review? What do you think?

I think I’ve got one or two authors who check my blog, too. What do you guys think? Would you ever address a negative review? Do you avoid looking for them just in case?

Want to know more? Here are a few more in-depth or entertaining posts on the subject:

CuddleBuggery logs and analyzes the “Wankfest” (There are multiple posts, I linked to the first.)

The Guardian discusses it briefly

Well, that’s not a whole lot more posts. I’ll add more if I find them.

On other notes, the Guardian article referenced a review of Moira Young’s Blood Red Road.I loved it. Their reviewer? Notsomuch. Oh well.


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5 responses to “Authors & Reviews & Other Drama

  1. Wow, I missed out on that too! Which is fine. Some things I don’t need to have in my life. :p I will say that nearly always, when I see an author lashing back at a bad review, it puts me off him/her. Remember that Anne Rice blow-up on Amazon?


    • I hadn’t heard of that, but good lord. Talk about childish. I haven’t been a fan of Ms Rice for a long time, but that would have sealed the deal if I’d been on the fence.


  2. Apparently this (Anne Rice freak out) happened in 2004. Having once liked her books, I felt the need to go find this rant she left. Still looking, but have it narrowed down to the Blood Canticle. There are some scathing reviews left, but I haven’t found the actual Anne Rice rant.

    Her husband was diagnosed with brain cancer during the writing of this book, and it may have played a factor in the quality.

    I agree, writers need to allow the voicing of opinions about their work, or stop publishing it. It is a given fact that not everyone will ‘love’ your books.


    • Was Blood Canticle the one where you got super fed up with her using the word “August” so frequently? I remember you ranting about that, and it really sticking with me and making me far more cautious of word repetition in my own writing.


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