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An Update, of Sorts

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this yet, but my life is a bit busy.

I’m attempting to change careers, away from the job that’s barely paying the bills to a skilled trade where I’ll be using my brain and my hands. It’s not where I envisioned my life going, but a girl’s gotta eat, and there are worse things than being an electrician. (It is the family business– literally– after all.)

I’ve been writing ridiculous things, most of which are not suitable for anyone, but they’re fun regardless.

I’ve been playing far too many video games– Skyrim has officially eaten my brain– and wasting time I could spend reading while attacking bandits and the like.

I’ve been learning how to be a bridesmaid… multiple times. Three close friends are getting (or have gotten) married this year, and I’m a bridesmaid for all three. There are other weddings to attend, but I’m only in the three, thank goodness. (I’m well on my way to Twenty-Seven Dresses.)
What I have been reading is mostly simple novellas and short stories and bits and pieces here and there that aren’t really review-able. Either because I don’t feel strongly enough, or because I don’t feel they are worth the time it would take to review them. (They shall remain nameless, because my goal is not to be mean.) In some cases, it is because I feel too strongly about them and cannot put my feelings into comprehensible words.
But that is what’s going on with me. 
What’s going on with you?

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