I’m back!

So… life. Let’s talk about life and how sometimes things go a totally different direction than you expected.

In July of 2012 I applied for an apprenticeship. In September I took a test. In January 2013 I had an interview, and in March of 2013 I started down a career path I’d never have expected for myself.

I’m an Apprentice Electrician with the I.B.E.W. (Local 6) learning a skilled trade. I work in San Francisco, and commute to the city every morning. I love  my job. I love working with my hands and using my brain. I love facing challenges, and learning new things every day. I love being able to stand back and look at what I’ve accomplished. I absolutely love getting to turn on things I’ve wired. Knowing that I’m the reason a light turns on when you flip a switch is still new and exciting.

I am learning about how to work safely, and do some really cool things. I’m learning about unions and why they are still important. I’m making a wage I can afford to live on for the first time in my life. I am in a really good spot. Finally.

10440937_823755267415_2928247814265384531_nDuring all of this, I read. A lot. I read on the train to and from work (~40 minutes each way) and if a book was especially good, I’d keep reading into the evening. I have a huge backlog of books I can review, and I hope to get back to doing this soon.

(Seriously, check out how stuffed my bookshelf has gotten. Yeah, some of those have been reviewed already, but there are so many that haven’t.)

So, if you’re still around, or if you’re new to me and this blog… let me know.

What’s been going on with you? How are you? How are things? What wonderful or terrible or terribly wonderful things have happened recently?


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2 responses to “I’m back!

  1. Ela

    Nice to see you back, and I’m glad that you’re doing something you enjoy! I’ve had a couple of long hiatuses myself from reviewing, though this does not mean, of course, that I ever stopped reading during those times. I do love seeing pictures of people’s bookshelves, too.


  2. Hiiiii! Here is a quick update from my perspective of things that happened while you were gone! I changed my blog name from Jenny’s Books to Reading the End, and also, there was Maggie Stiefvater. No rush or anything but you’re going to need to read The Raven Boys. It’s the book for which I am currently the hugest evangelist.


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