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I’m back!

So… life. Let’s talk about life and how sometimes things go a totally different direction than you expected.

In July of 2012 I applied for an apprenticeship. In September I took a test. In January 2013 I had an interview, and in March of 2013 I started down a career path I’d never have expected for myself.

I’m an Apprentice Electrician with the I.B.E.W. (Local 6) learning a skilled trade. I work in San Francisco, and commute to the city every morning. I love  my job. I love working with my hands and using my brain. I love facing challenges, and learning new things every day. I love being able to stand back and look at what I’ve accomplished. I absolutely love getting to turn on things I’ve wired. Knowing that I’m the reason a light turns on when you flip a switch is still new and exciting.

I am learning about how to work safely, and do some really cool things. I’m learning about unions and why they are still important. I’m making a wage I can afford to live on for the first time in my life. I am in a really good spot. Finally.

10440937_823755267415_2928247814265384531_nDuring all of this, I read. A lot. I read on the train to and from work (~40 minutes each way) and if a book was especially good, I’d keep reading into the evening. I have a huge backlog of books I can review, and I hope to get back to doing this soon.

(Seriously, check out how stuffed my bookshelf has gotten. Yeah, some of those have been reviewed already, but there are so many that haven’t.)

So, if you’re still around, or if you’re new to me and this blog… let me know.

What’s been going on with you? How are you? How are things? What wonderful or terrible or terribly wonderful things have happened recently?


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Authors & Reviews & Other Drama

Apparently, I missed the entire #occupygoodreads explosion, or whatever the hell it was. It seems the online blogging world had a bit of a clash with some poorly behaved authors. Oh dear.

It’s interesting to me, actually, that it seems to have blown up to such proportions. I’ve had a couple of my mediocre-to-negative reviews get found by the authors. (See The Girl in the Steel Corset) I’ve been lucky, apparently, to have not been outright attacked by the authors. Rather, they saw fit to comment on my issues and then let it lie. I’m alright with that. It’s their right to address minor issues, so long as they don’t make it personal.

Apparently, however, there are some authors who could not just let it go. Instead, they went head-to-head with their reviewers and came out looking like all manner of stupid assholes. They may have intended to discredit their reviewers, but instead they brought more attention to negative reviews which might otherwise have just disappeared. And, in case I didn’t emphasize it enough; they made themselves look stupid, and probably lost more than one reader because of their behavior.

I don’t often hold an author’s personal life against them, but when it’s something of this scale, attacking your reviewers, it’ll make me hesitate before I pick up your title. If I do choose to read it, it’ll make me hesitate even more before I review it, no matter how much I may have loved it.

I’m curious though, since there is a line, and while some authors cross it, others are smart enough to stay on the right side. Where does that line lie? When is it ok for an author to comment on a negative review? Or a positive review? What do you think?

I think I’ve got one or two authors who check my blog, too. What do you guys think? Would you ever address a negative review? Do you avoid looking for them just in case?

Want to know more? Here are a few more in-depth or entertaining posts on the subject:

CuddleBuggery logs and analyzes the “Wankfest” (There are multiple posts, I linked to the first.)

The Guardian discusses it briefly

Well, that’s not a whole lot more posts. I’ll add more if I find them.

On other notes, the Guardian article referenced a review of Moira Young’s Blood Red Road.I loved it. Their reviewer? Notsomuch. Oh well.


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Welcome to 2012

My resolution? Not a big one. Just to update at least once a week.

Lets see how long that lasts. I haven’t been reading much lately. I attribute it to a combination of video games (Skyrim, anyone?) and work. Still, I’ve read a bit, and will be trying hard to translate that into reviews. Wish me luck.

While we’re here though, lets chat a bit, shall we?

Which books to be released in 2012 are you most excited for? I’d love to hear your answers!

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The Agony of Galleys…

I doubt I’m the only one who has trouble waiting to say nice things about a book.

Yet, here I am, waiting. Because the publishers request that you wait until within 2 weeks of publication to post reviews. Considering Mastiff isn’t out until October, and Centauriad isn’t out until January, I find that difficult to honor. Still, it gives me time to give the reviews a bit more polish and, in the case of Mastiff, perhaps trim a little of my fangirling, and review the first two books in the series.

So, how do you guys wait to publish reviews, when you’re super excited about the book you just read?


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Well, let’s try this again…


You might remember me as that girl who said she’d be updating something like three weeks ago, and then never did. Or that girl who posts sporadically, and always has excuses. Or maybe, you know me as “Erin” and you think I’m silly for writing this.

Regardless, I’m about to tell you about things as they stand at the moment.

When I first started this blog, I was in grad school, and my student loans were deferred. That is no longer true, and starting next month, I’ll be paying them. (Ouch) Which is a big part of my absence; in lieu of deferred loans, I am now working. A lot. And job-hunting, because while I am employed, I am not currently using the degree which I am paying for. And I am not satisfied as a cashier.

So, I haven’t had a lot of down time. I have read… a bit. But not a lot. And what I’ve read has been good, but not review-ish for me. I’ll be trying though, especially as I’ve gotten a few galleys I’m interested in.

But, lets talk about you.

What have you been reading? Was there something amazing which I absolutely should not miss? I’d love to hear about it. I think a book that someone can get enthusiastic about is a great way to get out of a funk. So,  let me know!


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Why hello there.

I’m just letting you know that I’ll be away for Memorial Day weekend. I’ll be busy having fun at FanimeCon (next year marks 10 years at this convention) which is my yearly escape from everyday responsibilities.

I should be back, with some posts on Tuesday of next week.

I hope you have a lovely time.

While I’m away, I’d love to hear what you do to escape, once in a while.

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Well, darn.

Hello! I just wanted to share a brief update.

My computer chose to crap out this month, after four years of being a perfectly serviceable laptop for that time. (Barring a replacement about halfway through because it started smoking…) Anyway, a few weeks ago, my laptop decided that the factory AC adapter wasn’t the right voltage anymore, and nothing I tried fixed it, so I haven’t really been around.

The good news is that I have a shiny new computer which now lets me get to wordpress and post things. The bad news is that said shiny new computer plays video games beautifully, so we are not quite back to regularly scheduled programming. I’ll let you know when we are, or, I suppose the results will be visible.

I have read a few things, mostly from netgalley, so while I work on those reviews, please tell me how you guys approach reviews. I’m genuinely curious, because it seems like a lot of people put a lot of work into them.

How do you start your review-process? Is it before, during, or after you read the book?

Do you ever decide not to review a book? Why?

What is the hardest part of writing a book review for you?


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Welcome to Year Two

The more I think about it, the less I can believe that I’ve been blogging for a year now. That I’ve been writing book reviews, even. It’s gotten both easier and harder as I try to balance actually reviewing books with not making reading a chore. Because of this, I’ve read a bunch of books which haven’t been reviewed yet, books which really should be reviewed, except that there are so many people who have already read and reviewed it that it doesn’t feel necessary, exactly.

Like The Hunger Games; I read the first book around Christmas, and loved it. It reminded me of Battle Royale, but with a bit more plot. I read Graceling not long after, and I really, really liked it, but I can’t figure out how to put that into intelligent words. There are so many people who have already said it, and said it better than I could ever hope to, that it seems silly to do so.

But that’s not really why you’re here, is it? You’re here to see who won the giveaway. Well, if you won my giveaway, you’ll have gotten an email from me, but for the rest of you…

The Winners Are…

James P. gets Heaven is for Real!

Amelia of Nisaba Be Praised gets a Mystery Book! (brave girl.)

Didn’t win but still want a shot at free books? Well, 21 pages is hosting a give-away which ends on May 1st. Up for grabs are titles like Supernaturally, Beautiful Chaos, City of Fallen Angels, Forever, Divergent & Where She Went.


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Anniversary Giveaway

This Giveaway is now closed. Winners can be found in this post.

Well, on April 5th, this blog will have been running for a full year. (Hooray!) To celebrate this, I’ll be hosting yet-another giveaway. I have fun distributing prizes.

There are three simple steps to entering this giveaway.

  1. Click here & fill out the form. link removed, giveaway closed.
  2. Spread the word & comment for additional entries.
  3. Check back on April 5th to find out who won.

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Not a Food Blog & Other Housekeeping

How would you feel about recipes/food here? I don’t think I’d end up straying too far away from books, because that remains my main passion, but would you be interested in the occasional recipe?

Also, how do you feel about the book reviews I have now? Are they interesting? Do you actually care what they say? How often should I actually try to update?

(I’m thinking a Tues/Thurs schedule would give me time to read/write good posts)

If I were to host a Robin McKinley week & a Giveaway, would you be interested in participating?


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