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Welcome to Year Two

The more I think about it, the less I can believe that I’ve been blogging for a year now. That I’ve been writing book reviews, even. It’s gotten both easier and harder as I try to balance actually reviewing books with not making reading a chore. Because of this, I’ve read a bunch of books which haven’t been reviewed yet, books which really should be reviewed, except that there are so many people who have already read and reviewed it that it doesn’t feel necessary, exactly.

Like The Hunger Games; I read the first book around Christmas, and loved it. It reminded me of Battle Royale, but with a bit more plot. I read Graceling not long after, and I really, really liked it, but I can’t figure out how to put that into intelligent words. There are so many people who have already said it, and said it better than I could ever hope to, that it seems silly to do so.

But that’s not really why you’re here, is it? You’re here to see who won the giveaway. Well, if you won my giveaway, you’ll have gotten an email from me, but for the rest of you…

The Winners Are…

James P. gets Heaven is for Real!

Amelia of Nisaba Be Praised gets a Mystery Book! (brave girl.)

Didn’t win but still want a shot at free books? Well, 21 pages is hosting a give-away which ends on May 1st. Up for grabs are titles like Supernaturally, Beautiful Chaos, City of Fallen Angels, Forever, Divergent & Where She Went.


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Anniversary Giveaway

This Giveaway is now closed. Winners can be found in this post.

Well, on April 5th, this blog will have been running for a full year. (Hooray!) To celebrate this, I’ll be hosting yet-another giveaway. I have fun distributing prizes.

There are three simple steps to entering this giveaway.

  1. Click here & fill out the form. link removed, giveaway closed.
  2. Spread the word & comment for additional entries.
  3. Check back on April 5th to find out who won.

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Giveaway (The Winners Are…)

I have to admit, I’ve been pretty excited, waiting to find out who won. I spent a few minutes tallying everything, ensuring that I had counted everything I could. Ultimately, because of the way the drawing came out, and the amount of interest, I’m giving prizes to the top three from my drawing. Congratulations to:

Carol Wong (who gets a Mystery Book)

Erin of LitSnit (who gets Mystery Book #3) and

Jenny of Jenny’s Books (who gets a book from the Book Depository)

I entered everyone in a random.org list (not .com as I first said, whoops) and had it generate a list for me. The top three get prizes. I’ll be emailing you shortly.

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The Giveaway CLOSED

As I hope you’ve all seen, I’m giving away several things, and you have several choices in prizes. If you’ve already entered, I’m asking that you take a moment to fill out this form, so I have everything in one place, and you don’t miss any entries.

If you have not entered yet, you still have time, as the giveaway remains open until September 30th, 2010 (Midnight, PST/GMT-8).

I’ll decide the winners on October 1st, and with all likelihood things will be purchased/donated/mailed by October 5th.


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Return & a CLOSED Giveaway

I’m back (in theory) from my hiatus. I like to think that the break did me some good, but I have to admit that I am still feeling quite a bit of pressure to post. Ah, well, that’s fine. I did get some reading done (not a lot, since I was playing Sims 3: Ambitions quite a bit.) But there are at least a few reviews written to give me a bit of buffer.

To celebrate my return to the internet, I’m giving away a few books (with the help of my lovely, squishy panda.) There will be at least 1 winner (up to 4 winners, if there are enough interested parties.) *

Option 1: You’re feeling adventurous and you live in the U.S. or Canada, so you pick a Mystery Book.

Option 2: You’re not feeling so brave, or you don’t live in the U.S. or Canada, so you’d like a book of your choice worth up to $10 from the Book Depository.

Option 3: You’re traveling light, and you’d like a rain-check on the book. That’s fine, you can cash in at a later date.

Option 4: You’re traveling light, and you’d like a $10 donation to the charity of your choice, that’s great, just name the charity when you enter.

To enter, simply reply to this post in an interesting manner. I’d love more haiku/limericks, but am willing to accept pictures of your bookshelves, the view from your window, a stupid joke, a bad pun, or whatever else your heart desires. I’m even willing to accept replies in an un-interesting manner, if you so desire.

For additional entries, you can comment on any of my posts (after commenting here, to establish your interest), but only 1 comment per post will be counted**For even more additional entries, you can tell people about this post. Trackbacks and incoming links will be counted as 1 more entry per person.

You may enter any time between today (September 10th) and the end of the month (September 30th). Be sure that when you comment, you use a valid email so you can be contacted if you win. This is important. Winners will be chosen via random.org.


* I’m thinking 1 prize for every 4 people interested.

** Comments make me happy, and I am so not above asking for them. 😀 Also, if you post 4 times on Howl’s Moving Castle, only the first comment will count.


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Book Giveaway! (Part 2: The Winner)

I’ll also be sending you an email to get the proper information to mail your book to you.


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Book Giveaway!

Today, I’m giving away a book to a lucky reader. The book is a surprise. There are only a few silly rules:

1. Due to limited funds, you have to be in the U.S. or Canada.

2. To enter, post saying you’re interested. However, your post must be in Haiku or Limerick format.

3. You must use a valid email when you comment (so I can notify you if you win.)

If you’re interested in knowing what the book is, you may ask specific questions, and I’ll give you clues. However, as with the entry, you have to ask for hints in Haiku or Limerick format.

Why this silly poetry rule? Just because I can make an arbitrary rule like that.

On July 30th, I’ll pick a random comment-number and announce a winner.

The winner has been chosen!


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